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Knisternder rustle Paper Nylon Petticoat von SETRINO

A customer is very interested in a SETRINO paper nylon petticoat: Could it be made to a specific length, 20 inches? Does it have one very full layer, or more than one layer? Can you describe more in detail the sound or noise it makes when you move?  What is like to feel or touch? There are many different kinds of paper nytlon, and some don't make much noise or rustle at all.
Many thanks
What is the answer ?  YES, SETRINO will do it for you.
A SETRINO Paper Nylon Petticoat is a phantastic noise rustling skirt. It is one layer made with many ruffles for making this sound. Wear it over a petticoat like shown in pictures to get a full skirt. Model wear a white three layered DANCE Organdy petticoat under it.  For feeling and hearing the wonderful sound of petticoat noise rustling, wear it between your own petticoats or under your petticoats. This will be possible, too. Paper Nylon petticoats by SETRINO will be custom made in size and length you like. If you need an Organdy petticoat too, we will tayler both skirts for you.

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